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Published On 3/3/2024
Do you ever have trouble seeing those tiny maps on your GPS device? I used to, but I figured out a solution - I use an old smart phone! Read on to learn how.
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Published On 2/11/2024
The Bellingham School district has two cycling programs. One program is for grades PRE-K to 2nd grades and use balance bikes that were purchased with donations from the cycling community. The second program is funded by the Washington DOT and administered by the Cascade Bike Club in Seattle. It's aimed at 3rd through 5th graders. Both of these programs need some volunteers to be successful!
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Published On 2/11/2024
Are you on the fence about being a MBBC Ride Leader?
Want to learn to be a Ride Leader so you can lead a Group Ride on your favorite Gravel route?
At loose ends weekday mornings and want to lead a Group Ride to your favorite bakery on a Wednesday at 9 a.m.?
You might want to check out the top 10 reasons to be a Ride Leader with the Mt. Baker Bicycle Club.
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Published On 1/30/2024
After being on hiatus since 2019, the Mt. Baker Bicycle Club is mighty pleased to announce the return of the Chuckanut Classic for 2024! Interested in helping out? Please get in touch!
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Published On 1/22/2024
Mt. Baker Bike Club now supports a group on Zwift! MBBC Zwifters club rides are open only to club members (members of MBBC Zwifters, that is). So, if you want to join on these rides, first of all join MBBC and then follow the instructions above to join the Zwift club. If you are not yet on Zwift, it’s easy peasy. All you need is a smart trainer, a tv, tablet, laptop, or phone, and a Zwift account.
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Published On 12/21/2023
While the entire Bicycle Master Plan will be updated, the most significant updates will be for infrastructure projects, policies and programmatic actions. The planners have created a story map to walk you through the latest draft of these elements. The tool includes places for you to offer feedback on each part.
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Published On 12/20/2023
MBBC Ride Leader Bob Dinehart will teach three in-person Ride Leader Trainings this winter. We want to increase the number of club rides, and to do that, we need YOU to be a Ride Leader.
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Published On 10/31/2023
You can send us photos of your favorite latest rides, updates on travel cycling, tips for cycling, mechanicals, gear review, and announcements about learning opportunities and community support of cycling!
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Published On 10/27/2023
We're out riding the trails around town on our all-road, gravel, cross, or whatever bike you like to get gravelly on. Bring lights and meet us at the Depot Market parking lot at 6 p.m. First time with us? Try a 90-day membership or a one-time free registration to join this ride.
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Published On 8/16/2023
Members can use the Forums to post rides and ride notices via email. You can subscribe to a Forum to get a notice when someone has posted.
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